Software Engineer

Software Development

Solutions for larger scale projects are often required, and with a background of database and server architecture, Java, .NET, Android, and iOS – I have a large knowledge-base of frameworks to create the perfect solution for clients.
Mobile Applications are an essential part of most solutions and my services fully encompass all modern operating systems. Android and iOS applications are what some clients need.

Custom software solutions are also to be considered, as sometimes desktop-grade applications are required to fulfill a client’s needs. This can include integration with other services, such as Mobile Applications, databases, or data analysis.

I work closely with every client to ensure the best possible software solution is delivered, in whatever form it may take. Once created, it is important to maintain and keep the solution up to date. I provide these solutions to all clients.

Website Development

I use a thoroughly tested template to get a client from idea to final product. All steps in between are designed to be user-friendly, but practical.

Each website is tailored for the respective client’s needs. Different requirements naturally result in different solutions. I first start by gathering requirements about what the website should look like, and behave. Then I exhibit a prototype to the client. Any alterations requested are noted and a new prototype is created.

This process is repeated multiple times, in some cases, in order to deliver exactly what the client wants.

Once completed, the website needs to be hosted and maintained, both of which I provide.